We are a family owned company that has been in the water conditioning industry since 1954.

Our primary focus is to provide quality products and solutions that satisfy our customers needs.

We provide affordable water improvement systems including:
Water Softeners For Home
Water Softeners For Business
Iron Filters
Sulfur Filters
Sediment Filters
Carbon Filters
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
Cartridge Housings
Replacement Cartridges
Replacement Components (Tanks, Medias, Controls, Parts)

We stock for immediate shipment all of the equipment found on our site unless otherwise noted. Although we do not provide field service from this website, we operate a separate retail company as well, so we know what works and what doesn't work.

The products that you will find on this web site are are not only for contractors, but also for the true do-it-yourself customer, competing directly against the big box stores that provide off-shore made water conditioning products.

We are recognized in the industry for our expertise in water improvement.

Our core values are honesty and integrity.

We will provide you accurate and detailed information about how to make your water better.

We are a long time member of the Water Quality Association.

We are the number one volume supplier of water conditioning systems on the Internet.

We strive to have some of the lowest priced systems and components on the Internet or anywhere when you compare apples to apples!

Quality name brand water conditioning products for your home or business.

Featuring American made controls used by water conditioning professionals. Don't be fooled by patent violators who claim that Fleck / Autotrol / Pentair do not stand behind their warranties and then turn around and sell you controls made in China that they claim to be better. The reason that they buy and sell these Chinese controls is that they are cheaper.

Lifetime warranty on American made residential softener tanks (with complete system) up to 13" diameter.

Secure and easy online SSL (secure sockets layer) ordering.

We don't make you create an account to find out your shipping costs.

We program your system before shipping.

We ship the next business day on all items unless otherwise noted.
Our warehouse is in Dayton, Ohio.
We value the opportunity to do business with you.


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