Autotrol home water softeners, free shipping
Autotrol controlled water softeners have been the industry standard since 1968. Choose from the models below to provide years of lasting soft water. Full 5-year warranty on the control valve.

Autotrol Water Softener for Home

When it comes to choosing a water softener for your home, consider the benefits of the Autotrol water softener for your home. Affordable Water provides both the 255/760 and the 268/762 Autotrol water softener systems for your home use.

Reliable, affordable, clean!

Since 1968, Autotrol water softeners have been an industry standard for both homes and businesses. When compared to other water softeners on the market, Autorol is said to be affordable, efficient, and an optimal choice. Autotrol water softener systems are among the top sellers in the industry and provide a wide range of capacities.

You can't go wrong when you get a quality product at a great price! Affordable Water provides several options depending on your needs for your Autotrol water softener for your home. We provide free shipping on all Autotrol systems!

All of our water softening systems come standard with a 5-year warranty on the control valve! Affordable Water wants our customers completely satisfied with their experiences and our products. If there are further product questions or concerns that need to be addressed, contact us today at 877-848-2532.