Q) What is the difference in the water softener resins that you offer? A) Our standard resin is an 8% cross linked offshore manufactured product that has been tested and validated by our trade association, the WQA (Water Quality Assn.). The US made resin we offer is manufactured in the US by Dow and is also 8% cross linked and tested and validated by the WQA. We do not offer 10% cross linked resin because (1) it does not work as advertised and (2) is not actually 10% strength rated by independent laboratories. We also do not offer "fine mesh" resin because it simply does not last very long as do the resins that we offer. Q) What is the difference in the well and city water softeners that you offer? A) Some of the city water systems come with smaller diameter tanks for lower regeneration water usage and all include an upper basket on the control valve. For this reason, the resin level may be higher than in a well water system. All well water systems do not come with an upper basket. Q) How much sodium does a water softener put into the water? A) A water softener exchanges an equal atomic weight of sodium for the hardness minerals calcium and magnesium. It does not add "twice the amount of sodium" as is misrepresented by a company that sells a high priced electromagnet on the Internet. Q) There is a lot of information on the Internet about various filter medias. How do I know what to believe? A) We only use industry standard medias that are certified by NSF for use in drinking water standards. There are newer medias on the market that are not certified and one of them, has been known to add chrome back into the water. If a company cannot tell you if a product is certified or validated, then it likely is not. Q) How do I know what size system I need? A) We have a water softener sizing calculator on our home page or you can contact us for a recommendation. You will need to know the hardness, iron levels (if any) and number in your household for this calculator to make a recommendation. Go to our Water Testing link if you do not know your hardness or iron levels. Q) Can you help engineer a system for me? A) Yes! Email us the following: (1) Your water hardness and your iron level and pH if well water. (2) Water usage per day (maximum). If home or business, how many persons? (3) Total count of all water using fixtures for a commercial application or number of bathrooms if a home. Q) What is the difference between a time clock and a metered water softener? A) A time clock system regenerates on a set schedule (every 2 days, every 3 days, etc.). A metered unit (on demand system) regenerates based on your water usage and is more efficient in it's salt usage. Metered water softeners need to be sized for a minimum of three days between regenerations to be efficient. A time clock model does not necessarily need to be sized this way. Q) You don't offer a tank jacket? A) These inexpensive thin styrene covers crack and break after a short period of time and detract from the units appearance. There are some nice neoprene jackets found online for outdoor or humid area installations. Q) How long does it take for my order to ship? A) We ship any order by the next business day (Monday - Friday) unless otherwise noted on the product link. Refer to our UPS ground shipping chart under our help desk link to determine when your order will arrive. You can track the shipment from our site. We will provide you the tracking number and the carrier. UPS will send you an e-mail at the end of the day that the order ships giving you the ability to track the shipment. Some larger orders will require a semi truck with a lift gate delivery service (bringing the product down to the ground). Q) Why do I need a bypass on a water softener or whole house filter? A) A bypass allows to have the ability to turn off water supply to the softener without interrupting water supply to your home. The bypasses we sell will connect onto the back of the control valve. You may not need to order a bypass if you already have a "house bypass" that is in good working order and not connected to an old system. Q) What do I need to know about the connectors to a water softener or whole house filter? A) Our available piping connectors are shown on a drop down box on each product link. You will need to know what size your plumbing is. Lay a ruler or tape measure across the pipe. 3/4" copper or CPVC pipe is 7/8" in diameter. 3/4" PVC would measure 1 & 1/8". 1" copper and CPVC would measure 1 & 1/8" in diameter and PVC would measure 1 & 3/8". Q) Do I need to add a grid to my brine tank? A) You can add an optional grid from the Salt Tank link as some cheaper pellet salts tend to mush or cake. A grid holds the salt off of most of the water in an attempt to prevent this. Use a better grade of pellet salt or solar salt to prevent caking or mushing. Q) What does a Res-Up feeder system do? A) This is a system that feeds a solution into the salt tank to assist the water softener is cleaning the iron, bacterial iron and/or sulfur from the internals of the system. We sell Res-Up solution from this website. Q) The ROs that you sell are rated at 50 gpd. Will they actually deliver that much? A) No. The RO membrane will produce that amount at 78 degrees and a water pressure that is typically higher that what may be in your home. The system is limited by these facts as well as the system and it's storage tank.