Fleck 5800SXT 1.5 Cu Ft Water Softener & 5800SXT Carbon Filter

Price: $1549.00
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* This is a both a 1.5 cubic water softener and a 1,5 cubic foot automatic carbon filter. On a chlorinated water supply, install the carbon filter ahead of the water softener to protect the softening resin. On well water install the carbon filter after the water softener for chemical and pesticide free water.

Choose between standard granular activated (GAC) carbon and catalytic carbon for chloramine reduction.

* Double backwash setting allows for superior iron removal.

* Both units are provided with the Fleck 5800SXT digital metered control regenerates based on water usage and we program it for you!

* 48,000 grains capacity (1.5 cubic feet) of resin is included. The softening resin that we offer is a high capacity 8% cross-linked type made in Canada with 83% US manufactured products. It has been tested and certified by the Water Quality Assn.

* The salt tank includes a safety brine valve assembly. 

* Both units include drain fittings and 6' of brine line.

* Soft water test kit and resin funnel supplied.

* Control valve and salt tank have a 5-year warranty.

* The two 10" x 54" tanks have a 10-year warranty. 

* Rated flow rate is 15 gpm at 15 psi drop.