Fleck 9100 or 9100 SXT Twin Water Softening System, 80,000 Total Grains <font color="red">Free Shipping</font>
Item #: 6236-3E
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  • Fleck 9100 GE Noryl control provides alternating tank service and meter initiated regeneration.
  • Soft water brine tank refill.
  • Two 10" x 47" mineral tanks @ with 1.25 cubic feet (40,000 grains) of cation softening resin.
  • The softening resins we offer are a high quality 8% bead strength rating and are certified by the Water Quality Assn.
    Don't fall for the "salt saver" or "fine mesh" resin claims. If these products worked as promoted, we would be selling them!
  • The brine tank includes a brine valve assembly.
  • Drain line connector, 10' of drain line and 6' of brine line are included.
  • Soft water soap test kit supplied.
  • Ships in 6 boxes and includes a resin funnel.
  • Controls and brine tank have a 5 year warranty.
  • The resin tank has a lifetime warranty.
  • Rated flow rate is 14 gpm at a 15 psi drop.

Grains 40000


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