Fleck 5810SXT 1.25" Upflow Metered 32,000 Grain Water Softener

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* The USA manufactured Fleck 5810SXT digital metered controlled water softener is the professional choice in water softening and we program it for you!

* This is a HIGH FLOW 1.25" control and inner distributor as well as an UPFLOW BRINING system. Not all 5810SXT systems found on the Internet include these two features.

* Upflow brining allows for 12% or higher salt and water efficiency. This system incorporates soft water refill which keeps the salt tank clean and allows the internal injector to not be exposed to rough or iron bearing water which eliminates service issues. It also uses optimized precision brining for exact usage of brine in the regeneration cycle which is one of the gained efficiencies of this system. The upflow brining means that the entire resin bed does not need to be regenerated as a typical downflow brining system does. This also minimizes hardness leakage as the last place that your soft water exits the softener column is the first place that brine is exposed to the resin during regeneration. Compare these in price and performance to the GE, Morton, Advantage, Aquasure Harmony, Matrixx, Flexx, SoftPro Elite, Genesis 2 and Tier 1 systems all made in China.

* 32,000 grains capacity (1.0 cubic feet) of resin is included. The softening resin we offer has an 8% bead strength rating and is certified by the Water Quality Association.  We do not offer the gimmicky fine mesh and 10% rated resins as they do not last very long as they are falsely advertised.

* The salt tank includes a safety brine valve assembly.

* Includes drain fitting and 6' of brine line.

* Soft water soap test kit supplied.

* Control valve and salt tank have a 5-year warranty.

* The 9" x 48" resin tank has a 10-year warranty. 

* Ships in separate boxes and includes a resin funnel.

* Rated flow rate is 15 gpm at 15 psi drop.

 Link To Spec Sheet