Flex Platinum Upflow Metered 48,000 Grain Water Softener, Tank Ships Loaded

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> The Flex Platinum metered upflow control manufactured by Canature regenerates based on water usage. The upflow brining allows for as much as 25% higher salt and water efficiency. This is the best performing control found on the Internet and has a 7-year warranty. This system incorporates soft water refill which keeps the salt tank clean and allows the internal injector to not be exposed to rough or iron bearing water which eliminates service issues. It also uses optimized precision brining for exact usage of brine in the regeneration cycle which is one of the gained salt and water efficiencies of this system. The upflow brining means that the entire resin bed does not need to be regenerated as a typical downflow brining system does thus the additional gained efficiency. Compare these in price to the identical SoftPro, Genesis and Fusion systems.

> A system bypass and both 3/4" and 1" connectors.

> 48,000 grains capacity (1.5 cubic feet) of resin is included.. The softening resin we offer is a high quality 8% bead strength rating and are certified by the Water Quality Assn. The fine mesh and 10% rated resins do not hold up to their claims and simply do not last very long which is why we do not provide them.

> The 5-year warranted salt tank includes a safety brine valve assembly.

>Drain line connector, 10' of drain tubing and 6' of brine tubing are included.

> Soft water soap test kit supplied.

> The 10” x 54” resin tank has a lifetime warranty. The tank ships loaded.

> Rated flow rate is 12 gpm at 15 psi drop.

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