How To Place Media Into A Tank
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Tape (duct tape, electrical tape, etc.) over the top of the distributor tube inside the tank so that the media does not get inside the tube. Make sure that the tube is positioned down into the center of the bottom of the tank. You do not want any media to get underneath this tube which would push the distributor up and out of place. Once the media has been added, you will not be able to relocate the distributor tube into the center without first removing the media. Place the supplied funnel into the neck of the tank. If a filter or commercial softener, then add the supplied gravel underbedding first before adding the media. On twin tank softeners, make sure you only add 1/2 of the resin per tank. After adding the media, remove the funnel and clean the media completely away from the distributor tube and the threads of the tank. Remove the tape from the tube before placing the control valve onto the tank. Apply the supplied silicone grease to the o-ring at the bottom of the control valve. Then screw the control valve into the tank (right hand thread) making sure that the threads mate correctly to the tank.


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