Water Softening Resin & Filter Media.

Price: $99.99
Free shipping.
Price: $79.99
Coconut shell based. Free shipping.
Price: $86.99
Iron, manganese & low level sulfur. Free shipping.
Price: $79.99
Iron removal media. Free shipping.
Price: $108.99
For Iron, manganese & sulfur removal. Free shipping.
Price: $164.99
For Chloramine & chlorine. This media lasts but a few months for sulfur removal. Companies who sell this as a system want to sell you this frequently!
Price: $79.99
Filters down to 5-micron level. Free shipping.
Price: $26.99
Price: $5.99
For loading resin or filter media.
Price: $299.99
Free shipping.

Water Softener Resin

Affordable Water offers a variety of water softener resin for both commercial and residential water softeners. All resin is available for free shipping and come packaged by the cubic square foot.

Let Affordable Water help you determine the amount of resin your tank needs based on the size of the tank in your home or business!

Choose your resin based on your needs!

Affordable Water carries different forms of water softener resin depending on the system and the chemicals that your water softener is meant to be filtering.

Our standard water softener resin is a high-capacity, 8% cation resin. In addition to providing water softener resin, like the cation or GAC resin, Affordable Water offers anion resin as well. Our specific anion resins are designed for tannin and nitrate systems.

Don't forget to grab a water softener resin funnel when purchasing resin from Affordable Water. For additional assistance in purchasing resin, contact Affordable Water at 877-848-2532.

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