Upflow Chloramine Filter Systems
Item #: 844CC+4438-01
Our Price: $399.00
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  • Calgon Centaur Carbon media removes chloramine, chlorine, chemicals and oil products.
  • Upflow service eliminates need for a backwashing valve.
  • System bypass is included.
  • Uses no water or electricity.
  • Water flows up through the media which eliminates the need for a control valve.
  • Tank has a 10 year warranty.
  • Install a 30-micron filter or water softener or iron filter ahead of this system if on well water.
  • Rated service flow rates*
    -0.75 Cu. Ft = 5 GPM
    -1.0 Cu. Ft. = 7 GPM
    -1.5 Cu. Ft. = 9 GPM
    -2.0 Cu. Ft. = 13 GPM
    *Stated flow rates are for correct "contact time" to the media. Higher flow rates are achievable if contact time is not an issue.

  • Want one with a control valve? Click here >>1.0 Cu. Ft. Centaur Carbon Filter



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