Feed Pumps

With a large selection of feed pumps available for water softening systems, Affordable Water can assist you in getting the right equipment for proper water treatment.

We carry both feed pumps and solution tanks so you have everything you need to properly inject chemicals into your system to flush out its problems!

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The purpose of feed pumps

Your feed pump will be a vital part of your entire water softening system, as this is the most effective and cost-efficient way of treating your water. Affordable Water offers two pumps to choose from our manufacturer, Pulsafeeder. The lesser of the two is strictly a feed pump, while the other is a pump and tank system.

Feed pumps require the use of a tank that will hold the chemicals to be injected into the water softening system. Most commonly, the point of injection occurs between a well and the well's pressure tank.

The purpose of feed pumps is to use chemicals such as chlorine, soda ash, hydrogen peroxide, and others that will help eliminate bacteria, low or high pH levels, hydrogen sulfide, and others.

Get professional advice

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