Fleck controls is the only name you want to consider in the Commercial line of water softener applications. They make controls for Culligan, Rainsoft and many other "name brand" companies. These controls are extremely reliable and have a 5-year warranty.

Commercial Water Softener

When it comes to a commercial water softener, the only name you need to concern yourself with is Fleck. With a dependable 5-year warranty and free shipping from Affordable Water, you can't go wrong!

Fleck is best!

Top brands like Rainsoft and Culligan depend on Fleck for commercial water softener controls. Fleck is extremely reliable and is made with a lead-free brass valve giving the entire system superior strength and durability. Fleck commercial water softeners come with an adjustable 5-cycle control system and can be used for both light and heavy commercial industries.

Let Affordable Water assist you!

Fleck commercial water softeners are the best choice for your business, but which Fleck system is the right one for you? Contact us today with your commercial water softener needs. Let us know exactly what you will be needing your water softener for, and we will match you with the right size!