• There are a number of ways to find what you are looking for. If you are shopping for an on-demand water softener, you will find a sizing calculator from our home page. First choose the number of persons (and potential number of persons) from the drop down menu. Then add your water hardness and clear water iron level (if any) then click Find Softeners and a display of a number of various types of properly sized water softeners will appear. If you want a lower cost time clock (non-demand) water softener, we have these as well from the product links on the left hand side of the page.

  • You can also do a Search in the box located in the upper left hand side of the home page.

  • If you have difficulty locating what you want, then email us or call us (see Contact Us link).

  • Once you have found what you are looking for and having clicked onto the product, you may be presented some options from a drop down menu. Again, if you have any questions, then contact us. Once you have configured what you want to order, then click on the Check Out button. This will take you to another page which is your Shopping Cart. From here, you may or may not be presented with some optional accessories at the top of the page. Click and these and read them if you like and then return to the Shopping Cart to begin the ordering process. From your Shopping Cart, click on Check Out and following the instructions from each page going through the check out process. You will be provided a Comment Box on one of the pages which you can utilize or not. In the Comment Box, type in your hardness and iron level (if any) so that we can accurately set your water softener if that is what you are purchasing.

  • If you do not provide your accurate email address, then you will not receive an order confirmation via email nor will you receive the tracking information from UPS small package division.

    Thank you!