Under Sink Water Softener

Save space in your home with an under-the-sink water softener system. With the bulk of the water softener hidden nicely below your sink or counter, you save from having a whole house softener system and also have easy access from your kitchen to the softener.

Affordable Water provides under sink water softeners for RVs as well as under your sink or counter at home.

Benefits of soft water!

Avoid the corrosion caused by hard water in your home or RV! Using an under the sink water softener is cost effective and produces the same soft water as a whole house water softener. Our under the sink water softeners come with a 5-year component warranty, as well as 10-foot drain line and a soft water test kit.

Whether you are using your under sink water softener in your home or RV, the benefits are the same. Soft water produces natural taste, brighter laundry, longer lasting appliances, fewer clogs, and cleaner dishes.

Get your pennies worth at Affordable Water and save on an under-sink water softener system today. Order yours online or call 877-848-2532 with further questions and inquiries.