1/2 Cubic Foot Pyrolox Filter Media

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Pyrolox┬« is a granular water filtration media used for the removal of hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese. A naturally mined ore, Pyrolox has been used in water treatment for more than 75 years. Through a natural chemical reaction, Pyrolox has the ability to help produce clean, high-quality water. Pyrolox filter media works by oxidizing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide in problem water. Trapped particulate is then removed from the media bed during the backwash cycle. 

Pyrolox is identical in performance to Filox and Terminox (a made up name).

Requires dissolved oxygen in the water supply or an oxidation value introduced into the system during recycling.

pH below 7.0 may not allow a filter to be as effective as the acidity of the water will push the iron off of the media. THIS IS TRUE OF ANY WATER SOFTENER OR IRON FILTER.

A garnet/gravel underlayer is required.

If Your Tank Is:
- 9" diameter x 48" tall it holds 1.0 cu ft.
- 10" diameter x 47" tall holds 1.25 cubic feet
- 10" diameter x 54" tall holds 1.5 cubic feet.
- 12" diameter x 48" or 52" tall holds 2.0 cubic feet.

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