Water Softening Resin 1.0 Cu Ft

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* Aldex C800 is a high capacity 8% cross-linked ion-exchange cation water softening resin manufactured in Canada. We do not offer 10% or fine mesh resins simply because they are not as strong as they are promoted to be. Consider a carbon filter ahead of your water softener on a chlorinated water supply.

* FDA, NSF & WQA certified.

Resin Composition Sulfonated styrene / divinylbenzene copolymerL Ionic Form as Shipped: Sodium (Na+). Physical Form: Black colored beads. Moisture Content: 45 to 49.9%. Total Capacity: 1.9 meq/ml minimum. 41 kilograins as CaCO3 per cubic foot. Odor and Taste: None. Specific Gravity: 1.28. Net Weight (as shipped): 50 pounds per cubic foot. Particle Size: 16 to 50 mesh - Less than 0.5% through 50 mesh. Tested and certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) and meets NSF 61 guidelines. This resin is superior to most found on the Internet and is supplied in regenerated (sodium) form. Some initial color throw of new resin is to be expected, simply flush the system to the drain for a number of gallons until the water flows clear.

* Regardless of what you may read on the Internet, a gravel under layer is not required in residential water softeners.

 If Your Tank Is:

  • 9" diameter x 48" tall it holds 1.0 cu ft. 
  • 10" diameter x 47" tall holds 1.25 cubic feet
  • 10" diameter x 54" tall holds 1.5 cubic feet.
  • 12" diameter x 48" or 52" tall holds 2.0 cubic feet.
  • 13" diameter x 54" tall holds 2.5 cubic feet.
  • 14" diameter x 65" tall holds 3.0 or 3.5 cubic feet.