Upflow Carbon or Chloramine Filter 1 Cu Ft

Price: $309.00
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  • Whole house coconut based granular activated carbon (GAC) filter removes chlorine ahead a water softener, protecting the resin.
  • Carbon removes known carcinogens that are a by-product of chlorination as well as pesticides and herbicides.
  • Choose either Jacobi coconut carbon or Centaur Carbon from Calgon for chloramine reduction.
  • 800,000 gallons water usage is based on removing 1 ppm of chlorine.
  • The 10-year warranted 9" x 48" tank houses 1.0 cu. ft. media plus gravel under bedding.
  • Upflow service eliminates need for a backwashing valve in clean water applications.
  • Water flows up through the media which eliminates channeling and packing down of the media bed.
  • Uses no water or electricity.
  • Install a 30-micron filter or water softener or iron filter ahead of this system if on well water.
  • Note: Do not install this in an application that would require a backwashing control.
  • Rated service flow rate* = 7 GPM
    Stated flow rates are for correct "contact time" to the carbon. Higher flow rates are achievable if contact time is not an issue.

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